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Peter Daldry, brings Scottish music to life with acoustic songs and traditional tunes refreshingly mixed with contemporary arrangements and original compositions. Daldry weaves wit and charm and lyrical guitar accompaniment to the songs and stories of his native land.

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" I have to say this: Peter Daldry has the voice of a true balladeer. He has the type of singing that can tell you a thousand stories with just a phrase. A truly remarkable instrument-his voice." --- Celtic Music Fan - Baxter Labatos 

"Peter Daldry is a corker with a strong stage presence and a grand way of singing and presenting a song."
Ink Notes April 18, 2009 --- By Jean Bartlett, Managing Editor of Jean’s Magazines

"Peter Daldry is a Celtic Folksinger originally from Scotland but currently residing in California. He has a wonderful voice and draws you into each song with his amazing storytelling talent." --- Jane Wood,